Pinnacles National Park, 10. august 2021

These are the remains of a web site for Pack 608 in Poway, California. The pack served the City of Poway for over 55 years up until around 2015. The pack was very active with over 40 boys in first through fifth grades, many attending Midland Elementary School. Pack 608 did monthly trail maintenance of the Tierra Bonita Trail as service to the community.

This is the web site for our long running Dungeon & Dragons campaign that started back in the early 1990's and is still going strong. We started out with Advanced Dungeon & Dragons, but now the foundation of our game is the v.3.5 revision rule set. With a campaign spanning over this many years, it becomes impossible to remember what happened in the past without having some notes. So the most important thing kept here is the players diary.There are also other basic information and referenes available.